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Mothers Who Go

A Mother who go


The surprise success: "The book you didn't know they absolutely needed. I devoured it." Jia Tolentino

What kind of mother is leaving her child? Begoña Gómez Urzaiz investigates this question in her book and brings in her own feelings and experiences as a mother. With great honesty, she explores the contradictory emotions that bind us to children. Based on the life stories of women such as Maria Montessori, Joni Mitchell, Doris Lessing, Ingrid Bergman, but also figures of pop culture with Elena Ferrante or the film roles of Meryl Streep, she asks what it means to be a woman and a mother and to go your own way. She asks why the decision to leave one's own children is seen as the ultimate taboo breach, and what this tells about our expectations of mothers. A book that takes apart the narrative of the "bad mother" and takes an enlightening, fresh look at motherhood today.

For readers of Mareice Kaiser, "The discomfort of the modern mother" and Annika Rösler, "Myth of mother instinct"

"Begoña Gómez Urzaiz shows us what lies beyond our quick judgment about mothers who go. Namely life. In all its fullness and diversity, with all miracles and pain. I am grateful that this book exists." Maria-Christina Piwowarski

Publisher: Versascript Publisher 

Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and illustrations

Number of pages: 320

ISBN: 978-3-351-04219-6

Publication: 03/14/2024


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